Saturday, December 5

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2Shotz wife Precious Jones (Precious Chidinma Echeofu) is going through a difficult time at the moment as Reveletions about her husband’s alleged domestic violence found it’s way through the internet yesterday.
Precious is in a reflective mood as she penned this pensive note to her 2 children.

My children…my world…I know I have a lot of explaining to do to you guys…I feel like I have failed you as your mother, your guardian!I have disappointed u, myself and my family…I tried to create a fantasy, a family…stability…a home…a happy one at that!!I want you to know that I’m sorry…from the bottom of my heart…I didn’t envision this…I didn’t see it coming…it was all so perfect at first…I did it for you, I’m still doing it for you!my heart is broken, my world is crumbled but I know better is in store for me…The devil can’t steal my joy…I don’t want to be tagged a “victim”…im NOT a victim..I have the Holy Spirit with me…he has comforted me throughout this experience…he told me all is well…I have overcome…I’m just going to work on being a better mom for you both…It is well…it will always be well! I’m sorry💔


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