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Life is a film; boys are predictable, girls are not. They say. How true is that?
That makes it difficult to really decipher the intention of a girl when she is playing the "I Love You" game. To many, it is.

Yes, back then, they used to be emotional whose love wasn't for sale. But in the 21st century: you'll agree with me that anything can be the Highest Bidder. Including their love!

Witnessed different situations and heard shocking things about this subject and I think can write on it and I will be @least, 85% correct.

How can you truly know a girl doesn't truly love you? Seven ways only...

1. She never calls you until she has a need.

Hmm, you have suddenly become 911. Who said it's an abomination to call a guy you care about? If she calls you only when she needs money, she is a gold-digger. Dump her! Simple! You're not CBN, are you? The NEWest strategy now is: she calls after many months and starts forming she cares with the mind to ask for help in two days time...Let the relationship be platonic or...FWB. (Your choice tho). But never be just a nice and generous friend EVEN when you know she doesn't care and you love direly. Health tip: Give yourself a break! Go elsewhere before you're shown out or have a heart attack!

2. She isn't interested in seeing your siblings.

It's natural, if she likes you she would not hesitate to want to meet your siblings or parents. If all she wants is you...hehehe, don't feel important. It's not good enough. Marriage transcends both of you. Reality exceed the couples. Some girls have already been trained to be rebellious to their in-laws- Watch out against such!

3. She threatens you with a breakup after each argument.

Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. Don't you think it's just a way she expresses her outburst. Love doesn't threaten. If she makes the mistake of saying it once or twice, it might just be anger. But, constantly, haba! Leave her. Another "club" is promising her luxurious and wonderful things, that's why she wants to leave your "club". That na breakup scheme.

4. She never talks about saving- no future with you..

Does she just spend and spend without warning you to cut on your spending habits? Some ladies are good at that. When she wants a particular shoe or bag, she doesn't mind you withdrawing your last dime. She doesn't see a future with you. Love plans and prepares. Leave her before you wreck.

5. She lacks initiative to doing things that really matter to you.

I do know that if you truly love someone, you'll be initiative to doing things for them. Mothers don't need a push to buy new clothes for their babies- Love at work. If she isn't initiative concerning your lil issues, it's a sign she is about some other guy. Don't be friend zoned, I beg you! She enters your house and after eating, can't wash her own plate. How can I explain this? Simple initiative.

6. She loved your material things MORE than your aspirations and goals. 

Hey, if what matters to her the most is your money and not how you get it: she doesn't care then. Don't marry some one who has no pride at what you do. If she doesn't like your job but likes you, it can be managed BUT if she hates your vision/dreams, you can't be forever compatible. It's like a pastor marrying a witch. Hehe.

7. She lies to you to buy your trust.

I can beat my chest and say, 80% + of girls lie. It's awful how one intends to begin a relationship on lies. When a girl you know very starts lying to your face just to increase her "market value"'s laughable you know. Come clean. Nobody is perfect. Let's be ourselves here. False identity is like 21st bras; they don't hold it up forever. It will soon collapse. 

In addition: If she is manipulative, be careful. Eve extended the serpent's manipulation on Adam and see us today. Love doesn't manipulate. It might explain itself but never manipulate. The serpent is the most manipulative reptile. If she often seek to manipulate you(If you are a MAN sef, would she be doing that?), she doesn't really love you. She thinks she does. It's a selfish, conditional and controlling love.


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