Thursday, December 31

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I’m beginning to get more curious and furious about this, it has been going on for about four years now and people are not seeing anything wrong about it or I say his members are brainwashed to the highest order not to see anything wrong in this?

Someone should please call this Christ Embassy church to order, every year they charge people coming to worship with them on the 31st night the sum 1000 naira as a gate fee. In the previous years they sell tickets before the show sorry I mean service, so all who wants to attend the 31st night service must come with their tickets to enter the church auditorium. hmmmm!!

But this year they decided to craft another means of collecting this 1000 naira, they made it compulsory for each attendees to purchase an electronic gate pass for 1000naira.

My question is, are they going to dance to the melody of a superstar singer or dance to sound of a superstar DJ? Even the huge yearly program “The Experience” is free, someone should please call this Loveworld ministry aka Christ Embassy to order, reaping off our gullible citizens.

Whats your say about this?


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