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It looks enticing to be a bachelor because you are free but the challenges are many.
Being a bachelor in our society can sometimes come with certain pains and deprivations! Well, it is all good sha! Some things are better to be experienced than for you to be told. If you still think only ladies share from it, you are on a long thing!
Below are some of the pains bachelors go through…
1) When you go to the market to buy foodstuffs, the traders notice you easily as a bachelor and some would want to use that as an opportunity to make abnormal profits off you, especially, when you don’t have a regular customer you buy from! If na for me, market fall press them because I sabi price well well o! I fit price your 500Naira fish for 150Naira!!! (laughs) Na joke I dey o!
2) You close from work after a hard day’s job, feeling tired and weak but you still have to prepare what to eat… unless you want to settle for junk foods such as Akara and bread or bread and fanta (Truckman’s sandwich).
3) You open your facebook page and it seems everyone you knew out there back in school is getting married! You just feel like uploading your marriage pics too!
4) You are having a swell time in the office and a naughty colleague throws in a joke of you being a ‘Manchelor’ without realizing the mental effect of it. What do you do? You laugh it off…apply humour!
5) Family people are sharing things and they give you a small portion…before you make an attempt to complain, someone stands up to remind you that you are not married yet, that those that got bigger portions are family men.
6) You hardly tell your landlord that you don’t have money for utility bills yet; he is bound to ask you: ‘You dor marry?’ ‘Do you have kids you feed?’ ‘Wetin you dey use money dey do?’ See me see problem o! So I don’t have personal expenses because I am not married?
7) They inaugurate a committee in your company and they give the key roles to the married folks who are less competent than you! Why? The management think they are more responsible. Error!!!
8. When you are very free and open, neighbours, especially, the female ones, take advantage. They enter your crib at random, open your freezer and help themselves with beverages and foods! Who go challenge dem?
9) Sometimes when you do business with married folks, they want to take advantage of it as they feel they need more money than you since they have mouths to feed. Ogbeni, stop it! Na me give your wife belle to born children?
10) Friends keep pointing out girls they know that can make good wives. When some see you chilling with a babe, they secretly tell you, ‘Dis one fit you o! Marry am na’!!! Without even knowing who she is. So e mean say me no get eyes and mind of my own again? Lol!


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