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The heart-breaking footage, begins with the camera focusing on the white coffin of a small child which is sitting on an alter. As the wake progresses, one of the white balloons at the venue starts to strangely move around and eventually makes its way towards the distraught mum. 
The video which is believed to have been filmed in Mexico shows the woman weeping while Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud plays. The balloon makes its way towards the woman and hovers around her head.
Rather than continuing to float,  it actually stays for at least 20 seconds before the grief- stricken mum noticed the strange occurrence. She eventually reaches out to it and cuddles it .

Since the clip was posted online, it has sparked a debate amongst those who've watched it. While some sent their condolences and messages of support for the mourning mum, others not convinced by the video made funny remarks:

 "What times we live in, a mother is comforted by an invisible force, and what matters the most is that it was recorded in a funeral.
“Lie!! The balloon gets stuck on her back and for that reason does not continue due to airflow. Stop recording at funerals, Stupid"
"It's like being very thirsty while a bottle of water in front of you but do not drink the water because there is no glass. An absurd frivolity"
"How beautiful it happens that children go to heaven are not souls"
"I think it is a demon confusing mother".

Watch video below


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