Friday, March 11

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A woman allegedly stabbed her husband when he returned home from work and she did the same again as whilst driving him to the hospital.
Tracy Fleischer was apprehended and charged with aggravated assault after the alleged incident at the couple’s home in Augusta, Maine, on Friday.
The 34-year-old called for help and admitted to stabbing her husband before attacking him again in the car and ditching the knife en route to the hospital, reports the Portland Press Herald.
One of the couple’s daughters reportedly told police her father was concerned about something Fleischer had seen on his Instagram account.
The suspect allegedly bought a knife as she did not have access to knives at her home. Officer Brett Lowell wrote in an affidavit:
“The daughter stated that (her father) often hides all of the kitchen knives due to the past violence between Tracy against (him).”
Fleischer allegedly stabbed her husband – who has not been identified – in the torso and again in the leg while she drove him to hospital, She was arrested on Friday and charged with aggravated assault.
She faces 30 years behind bars if found guilty.


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