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Best fabric for children`s clothing

Parents want the best for their children. It is natural and reasonable, that is why children's products industry quickly develops nowadays. This is especially true for children's clothing.
Its diversity is simply astounding. The most important thing, however, is not the creative design or bright colors, but the quality. It is important to choose the right fabrics for children's clothing, because they are constantly in contact with the child`s body.

How to choose a fabric for children`s clothing

It is important to understand that the skin of an adult is considerably rougher than a baby's skin, so not everything that seems comfortable for you, will be good for the baby. Fabrics for children's clothing should not contain any chemicals. Certainly, it is best to opt for natural fabrics.
The second important point is heat regulation. Children have the higher risk of hypothermia or, conversely, overheating. You need to carefully choose good seasonal clothing and fabrics. The baby should feel comfortable, the skin needs to "breathe", which again proves the usefulness of natural fabrics for children's clothing.
So let's talk about the types of natural fabrics that will suit for children`s clothing.

Types of natural fabrics

Cotton is a natural material that is safe for infants. It is best suited for the summer season and possesses a “breathable” capacity. The drawback of this material is that it crumples, but it pays off by its benefits.
Flax is another great natural fabric. It is pleasant to the touch, kids love to wear clothes from flax. Flax is great for summer clothes. The only disadvantage is that it  also crumples quickly.
Wool is a natural material, which is just necessary in the fall and in winter. This fabric is very comfortable, because it supports the normal temperature. A baby's skin is always dry in wool clothing.
Silk is a natural material, it is hygroscopic, shiny and durable. Silk is sensitive to sunlight, it burns out in the Sun.
Bamboo fiber is a natural material, by softness you can only compare it to delicate cashmere. It is very comfortable. This material "breathes", it is simple and easy to care for. Also, it is great for people, who are prone to allergy. Bamboo fiber is pure ecological fabric, it is absolutely safe for children.
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