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So, Yemi Fetch (Pictured Above) shared on Facebook how he was asked to stop being a worker in his church all because he refused to shave his beards.
Read Him Below:
“I was once rejected in church because of these beards of mine. Shave it or forget about being a worker” they said. As obstinate as I was, I knew I wasn’t going to let anyone define me by my look, so I left for good. You see, the church is an institution, and every institution has a system in place — a system of control.
Members are expected to devote themselves to the system and abide by the rules. But I hate rules.

I felt Christianity should guarantee freedom from discrimination. I was wrong. I expected too much.
The church is a place where you’re assessed before being assigned a seat, respect is based on social standing and you dare not open your mouth to question authority. But I’ve moved on.
After all, Jesus didn’t die so I could become a member of a church. So I say, to hell with the system they put in place to control minds.
To hell with their expectations of what a Christian should look like. To hell with religion. Yeah, sometimes I feel the need to enter a serene place for worship, especially when I need to converse with my soul.

It could be a mosque, church or even shrine….you see, the universe pays attention to the yearning of the soul without asking for religious affiliation. ‪#‎Sundayschool‬


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