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There this ongoing war…debate…on instagram between Nollywood Actress, Stella Damasus and a fan.
It all started when Dwayne Douglas Johnson, ‘The Rock’ who is the crush of a lot of ladies, surprised Stella Damasus by replying her tweet.
Stella had gone to see the movie ‘Central Intelligence’ at the cinema which featured The Rock and Kelvin Hart.
After the movie she thanked The Rock for such a comic movie ,”Thank You Stella, Glad you and your family enjoyed the movie, keep doing your thing!” He replied.
Overwhelmed by the response, Stella took it to her Instagram and wrote . “Some celebrities are so amazing and human. I still can’t get over the fact that The Rock responds to everyone. I am totally star struck right now.”

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A fan who didn’t feel pleased with the show-off clapped at Stella.
“Well, it’s for you Nigerian celebrities to emulate from them. Most of you snub even when a fan says something beautiful to you guys. They make fans feel like a fool and not that they don’t read the comments. The only time they respond is when a fan says something bad. Kate Henshaw is the only humble celeb i know that responds to her fan respectively” the fan wrote.
….and Stella swiftly responded:
“…Just because a few people have done something wrong doesn’t give anyone a right to say you Nigerian celebrities. Why do you keep following them on social media if you don’t like the way they behave? Check the list of the people you are following, 90% of them are African celebrities, yet you come here and condemn them. Haba.”
The argument continued, see some screen shots below:


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