Thursday, June 23

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According to an exclusive report on Premium Times, the Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON) on Thursday morning, took over the assets of three companies belonging to outspoken Bayelsa State Senator, Ben Murray-Bruce.
The companies affected by the takeover are;
1. Silverbird Galleria Limited
2. Silverbird Promotions Limited, and
3. Silverbird Showtime Limited.
The properties were seen locked up by the agents of the Receiver/Manager in an exercise carried out under the supervision of men of the Nigerian police as directed by the Court order.
According to the said order, Ben Bruce’s companies are owing AMCON the sum of N11 billion which the companies have defaulted in paying up.
AMCON reportedly revealed that Ben Bruce used his companies sometimes in 2005-2007 and borrowed various sums of money from the Union Bank of Nigeria Plc and defaulted in his obligations to pay back.
Realizing that Ben Bruce was not ready to pay back the money, AMCON appointed the Receiver/Manager to recover the loan who alongside with large armed policemen were seen on Thursday, sealing up the premises of Silverbird Group of Companies in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt.
Kunle Adegoke, counsel to the Receiver/Manager disclosed that the sealing up of the senator’s properties on Thursday had “all the paraphernalia of legality.”
“Aside from the fact that the receivership was done pursuant to deeds of legal mortgages duly executed by the three companies and guaranteed by Ben Murray Bruce and four of his brothers, there is a court order backing same up.
“It must be borne in mind that innocent depositors’ money is what the Commonsense propagator and his brothers have been living large and feeding fat upon without recourse to the interest of the real labourers who own the money,” Adegoke said.


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