Sunday, October 9

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His grew and bulged in my mouth as I F**.Cked him. I sucked his until he was hard and I was ready.
I knocked at the door, excited. I saw Mr Nnamdi’s jeep parked downstairs and knew he was home.
I had always hoped, each day, that when I returned in the afternoon, I would meet him at home. I was the nanny for the house next door and I assisted Mr Nnamdi and his wife by taking their 6-year-old son to school and bringing him back every day.
His wife was usually around when I came to pick him up. When I returned from his school, I would take him to our flat and wait for his mother to return from work before taking him home. They paid me pretty well and I was saving for the university.
I have had a huge crush on Mr Nnamdi almost from the point we met. The man was way too handsome for his age and whenever I caught a glimpse of him, I felt my heart melt and my Pu.$$y tingle. In those months, I had only met him home alone twice, when he returned from work before his wife did. I knew the attraction was mutual because he gazed at me with interest both times but I knew he would never take the risk of propositioning me. The ball was in my court.
He opened the door and broke out in a wide smile when he saw me. He bent down to greet his son while thanking me.
“You are home on time today, sir?” I said.
He nodded, as we entered the house. “Took the afternoon off to sort out some things.”
I hung around at his house, helping with feeding and taking care of his son. After about an hour, he fell asleep and I took him to his bedroom. Mr Nnamdi was in the living room during, this time, working on his computer. I sat down beside him after putting his son down.
“I have a favour to ask, sir?” I started.
He paused what he was doing. “Sure, what is it?”
“You know I am saving for school. I was wondering if there are ways I could help out more around here and maybe earn more.”
He regarded me quietly. “You are so pleasant and willing to work, but I would have to ask my wife if there is more you can do.”
“Hmm,” I said. “Isn’t there something I could do for you? Personally?” As I said this, my voice dripped with lust as my palm slid across his thigh. I felt him stiffen under me, figuring out my meanings.
“You know we can’t.”
“Why not?” After asking this, I shifted his computer from his front and came to kneel before him.
I reached in and unbuttoned his trousers, taking the zip down. My eyes were on him as I grabbed the waistband. He shifted, letting me pull his trousers down. I did the same to his short until I had a clear look at his growing
I moved my head between his legs and kissed the tip of his His lips parted and I slid my tongue across the head, wettening it. My mouth moved further down, taking him completely. His grew and bulged in my mouth as I F**.Cked him. I sucked his until he was hard and I was ready.
I got up and hiked up the skirt of my dress. Wrapping my hands around his neck, I settled on top of him, taking his d.!ck inside me.
I threw my head back in pleasure as I began to F**.Ck him. He moaned, his hands coming to rest on my face. Placing my leg on the ground, I began moving up and down against his, feeling him hit me very deep inside. I gyrated against him and F**.Cked  him until I came.
He was groaning as we F**.Cked. I leaned forward and put my lips on his. The kiss was intense and amazing. My Pu.$$y was still wrapped tightly around his and I moved against him until his grip became tighter and he came deep inside me.
We stayed that way for a while, my head buried on his shoulders. He felt amazing. I knew I was truly in love with him.


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