Thursday, November 2

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A Twitter user @opecole publicly called out a Nigerian guy who he accused of stealing his phone and accessing his bank account, using the banking details stored on the phone.

He shared the guy’s pics along with banking transactions he claims not to have authorized.

The said thief then took to his page some minutes ago to react to the allegations against him – according to him, he knows nothing about the whole saga.

He wrote on his page:

Woke up this morning after receiving call from someone that I scammed someone and am online, I didn’t take it serious at first because I didn’t scam any one.. I don’t know anything about the transaction, I lost my card a day before , mid night of Friday I saw a strange credit and debit on my account of which I called Fcmb help center to block my card immediately, yesterday an unknown number called me to threaten me, which I took as a Scammer trying to make money from me.

He also said:

I don’t know anything about this please…. The person as been calling me with private number, I don’t even have your account details or know anything about you, I have never stolen a phone, I run a clothing Business


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