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Nigerians are not happy with the Fact that Anto is back to the Big Brother Naija House, just barely a week after her eviction from the show.

Apparently, many are of the opinion that since she was voted out, there’s no way, those who voted her out, will same way vote her back in.

Here are some reactions:

Ahudiya Esther Orji: “Fake fake fake! She never came to Nigeria cos big brother was Savin cost! So how come they never showed us when she came to Nigeria??”

Rose Mark: “People voted for Anto because she don’t have fans so she will not b a threat to other housemate. Anyway congrats grandma Americanian.”

Mathew Owie: “Asin how come ,anto was in south Africa ,how come she never did the normal interview others evited house mate did ,this BBN is fraud organise by Edo state Yahoo Yahoo associations”

Ukeme Umoren: “So who voted her back in? I mean same pple voted her out last week! Big brother continue playing yourself”

Sylvzenia Agbo: Was tinkin it will b ifu and khloe. Did dis anto com home at all? How com we didn’t hear of her arrival at Lagos ? No interview? No moments wit payport? Samvita And others ?

Emeka Daniel Nnuta: its fraud because Anto never come back just like other evicted housemates that land to Nigeria immediately after their eviction but nobody saw Anto in Nigeria.

Nwokoro Steve: Biggy has succeeded in his ploy of bringing khloe back to the house after all the pressure he suffered… But believe me team Nina is an army that will show biggie a lesson… Teamnina still here.

Yemi Akinola: “Beggie stop that poo. Anto never travelled back to Nigeria… U had no money to pay her flight ticket…We ain’t fool we know what u are doing.”

Uju Agatha: “Lol it is just funny. U enter d house and stay for 2weeks just to be evicted again. If ur fans aren’t much to sustain u at the first time, don’t ridicule urself to go back”

Wendy Onyekwuluje: I think there is some tricks to this Anto’s return.

(1) khloe was spotted in south Africa at the airport but Anto wasn’t spotted

(2) Anto was the only house mate that came back without reaching Lagos and no interview, we didn’t even see her with fans taking pictures

(3) when Ebuka asked her if she was surprise coming back to the house, she said no. That means they no what they are doing. Am happy for her sha

Uchi Ezeugwa: Dis bbnaija is soooooooo full of poo. Anto Grandma Neva left, besides who wantshee back, wen dy votes her in last Sunday. Fake game. I kno evrytin here is scripted. Pple stop wasting ur time voting. Cos deep down, ur votes don’t count. PerioD.

@Tweetoracle: I don’t think Anto actually left South Africa after last week she was evicted. I mean we never saw her clips of being received in Naija. This Conspiracy tho…. wont just go away
#BBNaija #BBNajia

Velie: Nonsense Biggie now must not sleep bcz of Anto and KhloeYou played us too much …you’ve gone too far now…you want to take away our beauty sleep #Bbnaija

@marcel_marizu: How come Anto with the least votes now better than all other evicted housemates. This is fraud.

@RFibbs: Guys lets talk about Anto’s hair..the one she wore when she talkd about being excited to be back is different from the one she had on it was pre recorded even before she was evicted. She had last week’s hair on stage tonight. Something is WRONG #BBNAIJA


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