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For those you who are reading,the purpose of this once in a while series is to discourage you from going into 'runs' with these stories....If you tell yourself otherwise you are on your own.....Be smart and learn!


A big man in Abuja died few months ago. He had this female 'daughter' who was close to his whole family. She used to get juicy contracts as a result of her knowing the man and was always doing 'mummy's daughter' to his wife. The wife looooved her so!

Well, the man's phone was unlocked to get bank information, legal case details....
stuff like that. And voila! It was discovered through whatsapp chats that he and this lady (a churcheous lady, by the way) have been dating since her university days. And carried on the relationship till he passed on. The wife has been really pained and disappointed. She said she remembered a particular university student her husband was dating that almost cost her her marriage. Little did she know she was dining with the devil.

The lady in question was very active at his burial in Lagos, and was consoling the wife and children. We all praised her for honouring her mentor, even in death. So imagine how it was when we found out.

Turns out she used to make at least 10m a month from his connects for a period of about 5 years; for her 'charity organization' (these women shaaaa!!). She lives in a remote part of town, in a small house her husband built and drives a small 2004/2005 saloon car. She's been calculated enough to live within her husband's means to a point that he doesn't suspect. So when he was 'anonymously' informed, she denied and he believed. Left to him, his wife depends on him for everything and submits her monthly salary to him. So he has no reason to suspect such a woman. Abi?

Are you surprised? Oh! You want to pretend you don't know that married women compete about who has the 'bigger boyfriend' than the single babes? Shameless men collect contracts through their wives and don't ask how it came. They will now use the money and chase girls to quench their anger. Lol. Runs is a 'merry-go-run'. Isn't it? 

My question is... who are the real runs girls??? The single girls who are looking for money to slay, or the married women looking for contracts and juicy job offers? Would we now say that the single babes who do it all before they get married, can be excused because they are not defiling their bed? Or would we call them foolish for getting relative peanuts, when they can wait until they have a more concrete reason to be discreet and use that to demand more? 

Anyway, aunty is still going around town crying that she doesn't know who spoilt her name, bla bla. But oga's wife has pictures to prove and keeps the phone as close to her as possible. She can even put it in her vagina sef if that would keep it safe and secure from any 'loss'. We will see where this ends.... Hopefully oga's wife's hands too are clean. 

Oh! If the dead could arise and tell his own tale. His children are heartbroken by this development.

Lagos runs geh how far?Greetings from Abuja!!


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