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So over the weekend, daughter of Billionaire Aliko Dangote, Fatima Dangote and Jamil Abubakar son of former IG of Police had their pre-wedding dinner yesterday in Kano.

We already have photos from the dinner and here are they below;

The couple also released pre-weddding photos  the first leg of their wedding which will hold in Kano on Thursday March 16th, while the one will hold in Lagos on March 24th. Here are pre-wedding photos of Fatima Dangote and Jamil Abubakar;

Jamil Abubakar, an IRS Airline staff who survived an air crash once, spoke about his life as a pilot in an interview with YES INTERNATIONAL – MAGAZINE on the 22nd of NOVEMBER 2014, and here are excerpts from the interview;

Away from the horrible experience, what do you like about being a pilot?

I love speed. My friend sitting with me here knows that right from my time as a kid that I love speed. Before now, I used to ride power bikes. You can see some scars on my body. It has even gone. I ride a lot. I love fast stuff. I am sure I have told you this before. My dream of becoming a pilot started at age 4. Why I am referring to all these things is because I don’t know how to explain it. It is just an amazing thing! I wish I can find a better word to say it. It is something that I love. If I don’t work for anybody and if I have money, I will buy an aeroplane, I will keep flying myself all around. Yes, it is something that I love. Even after this crash, it has not stopped me to do what I love to do best. I like it. It is not a professional job, it is my hobby.

Can you tell us what you don’t like about flying?

I think what I don’t like about flying is a basic thing that everybody would not like to face. Everybody is weary of accidents. And we are trying as much as possible to prevent or avoid it from happening. Sometimes, if it comes, yes! What I don’t like about flying? Actually, I think I love everything about flying. I have never regretted flying. The only time I had a regret was during my initial training, because we went through some worse stuff. So that if we encounter them in the future, your experience will count. It is not going to be new to you. Besides that, there is nothing I don’t like about flying really.

Obviously God has been nice to you. He saved your life from the air crash, what more do you want from God?

(Laughs) Heaven! I say heaven. There is no limit to the good things the people actually want from God. Everybody wants everything from God. Even God can keep blessing you till eternity. That is exactly what I want from Him. I want more from God. I will keep singing His praise and continue giving glory to Almighty God, even in bad times, not only in good times.

Can you tell us when you are getting married?

Ha, ha, ha! It is not finding a wife fast. I think what you need is a life partner. I mean, long lasting relationship, because I am a one-wife person. So, I don’t want to marry and divorce. I want to marry for the right reason. I don’t want to marry because every other person is getting married or I feel I am getting old or my family is saying you must marry, you must marry, because in my family we respect everybody’s decision. They are not on my neck or on my case. I know that the time will come. I did not say it’s going to take 10 years, 5 years, 2 years or one year, but definitely the time will come.


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